TV Wall Mounts With Shelf

This buyer’s guide will be focusing on finding the very best TV Wall Mounts that come with a built-in shelf. There are a large number of products like this that exist in the Amazon marketplace. We are going to be looking through this extensive catalog of products with the intent of finding the most cost-effective selections that we can find. We will also be factoring in customer feedback, reliability, quality, and other similar factors.

If you are unsure of where to start with your product search, you will certainly want to look at each of these five products before finalizing your purchase for a top-tier TV Wall Mount.

Product Reviews – The Best TV Wall Mount with a Shelf

Option #1 – Mount Plus 322STEDV TV Wall-Mount [Amazon Link]

You might be interested in checking out the Mount Plus 322STEDV TV Wall-Mount if you are looking for an affordable selection. This high-quality wall-mount comes with a mounting bracket that will be compatible with most 24 to 26-inch television screens. The maximum recommended weight is listed at 80 pounds and you will also receive a glass shelf with your TV mount.

This particular mounting bracket supports all kinds of VESA mounting holes and the assembly process is pretty simple. Customers have had very positive things to say about this cost-effective TV mount on Amazon’s platform.


  • Ideal for VESA Mounting Holes
  • Maximum Supported Weight of 80 Pounds
  • Outstanding Customer Reputation


  • Only Designed for 24 – 26 Inch Televisions
  • Minor Durability Issues

Option #2 – Mount Plus 1095-31 Tilt Swivel Corner Wall Mount with Bundle Single Glass Shelf [Amazon Link]

Our second product recommendation will take a look at the Mount Plus 1095-31 Tilt Swivel Corner Wall Mount. This popular product comes with a swivelling wall mount for televisions and a singular glass shelf.

This wall mount will support VESA brackets and supports a maximum weight of 44 pounds. The convenient installation process is extremely popular with customers and the swivelling utility allows for 180-degrees of rotation and 20-degrees of tilt.


  • Ideal for Screens between 23 Inches and 40 Inches
  • 180-Degree Swivel Function with 20-Degrees of Tilt
  • Compatible with VESA Mounts


  • Only Supports 44 Pounds of Weight
  • Extremely Fragile and Not Durable

Option #3 – Fleximounts TV Wall Mount Bracket [Amazon Link]

The Fleximounts TV Wall Mount Bracket has earned over 1,000 positive reviews from customers on the Amazon platform. This durable TV Wall-Mount bracket is known for its reliability and heavy-duty design characteristics. You will never have to worry about durability when you purchase this product, especially when you consider the fact that your purchase comes with a complimentary 10-year warranty.


  • 10-Year Product Warranty
  • Heavy-Duty Design (Extremely Durable)
  • Compatible with Screens between 32 Inches and 60 Inches


  • Slightly Expensive Price Range

Option #4 – OmniMount ECSB Component Shelf Wall Shelf for TVs [Amazon Link]

The OmniMount ECSB Component Shelf Wall Shelf for TVs is our fourth product selection for this buyer’s guide. This high-quality mount comes with a tempered glass shelf and a complete hardware kit for assembly purposes. The pivoting mounting arm is ideal for rotational movement. This shelf is ideal for DVD players, pictures, cable boxes, and other similar lightweight utilities that come with your television.


  • High-Quality Tempered Glass Shelf
  • Ideal for Lightweight TV Accessories (Cable Boxes, DVD Players, and Music Players)
  • Pivoting Mounting Bracket is Included


  • Maximum Weight Supported is 30 Pounds
  • Slightly Expensive Price Range

Option #5 – Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount [Amazon Link]

Our fifth and final product review might highlight one of the best products in the entire industry. The Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount has earned positive reviews from over 5,000 customers on Amazon. This TV mount is extremely popular because it supports a large number of VESA mounts and inherits a simple installation process.

While the price might be slightly higher than other similar brands in the industry, there is no doubt that this is one of the top-tier premium products in the TV Wall Mount category on Amazon.


  • Top-Tier Premium Design Quality
  • Compatible with VESA Mounts
  • East Installation Process


  • Expensive Price Range


We have now had the opportunity to preview five of the highest-rated TV Wall Mount products on Amazon’s website. There are dozens of factors to take into consideration, but you should have a lot of useful information to evaluate from this review. You should take a look at the product details as well as the pros and cons of each item. These details will certainly help you to make a smart decision and it is always important to be confident with your selection before you finalize your purchase.