Waterproof Pop Up Tent

Water-proof Pop-Up Tent Reviews

In the evolution of camping tents, pop ups have emerged as a solution for those looking for a shelter that’s not only quick and easy to set up but also sturdy and durable. If you want to avoid headaches of an unruly tent, then a pop up is for you.

Not all pop ups are created equal. The best ones are those that pop up in seconds without much effort. Additionally, a quality pop up tent will also be self-supporting, meaning you won’t have to prop it up with poles or other implements.

To help you in your search for the best waterproof pup up tent, we have reviewed five quality options. By reading through the details of each, you’re bound to find an option that works great for you.

#1. Coleman 4-Person Pop Up Tent

This tent can be up and ready to go in about ten seconds, once you get the hang of how it works, thanks to the preassembled poles. And when it’s time to break camp, you’ll have no problem with its disassembly and storage, because it folds down flat.

As far as protection against water and moisture, this pop up has great features that’ll help keep you dry. It’s got a multi-position rainfly that’s easily adjustable, and the seams on the floor are taped, which means water from below can’t get in.

It weighs in at 7.07 pounds, and its dimensions are nine feet X six feet, six inches with a center height of three feet four inches, so you’ll have no trouble carrying it around.

Although small, it offers space enough for four pads. It also has pockets on the inside to help you and your guests keep things neatly organized.

#2. Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent

When it comes to a speedy set up, not many models can beat the Quechua pop up tent. Within two seconds, you can have this model ready to house you and your camping mates.

Like all of the options on our list, the Quechua is small and lightweight. It weighs in at seven pounds and measures 73 X 83 X 41 inches, making it easily transportable and stowable.

One of the great features with the Quechua is the big entry it provides. You won’t be struggling to get in or out thanks to the D-shaped flap and the single zipper.

You’ll also have peace of mind if it rains when you’re in your Quechua. It’s been tested and proven to be highly waterproof. It features a PU-coated polyester fly sheet and a polyethylene ground covering that is sealed with therma-bound tape.

Additionally, it’s got an inner tent layer that breathes and keeps you from experiencing the all-too-common condensation that normally forms inside all tents.

Three campers can fit in the Quechua, and it’s got great UV protection that will keep you safe from harmful sun rays.

#3. G4Free Pop Up Tent

The G4Free pop up is two-person tent that weighs in at a mere 4.41 pounds. But don’t let its small stature and light weight dissuade you from giving it a good look.

First of all, it’s got generous center height of 40 inches and 2 large doorways, which makes entering and exiting the tent quite easy. The large door openings also make for a great morning view.

Speaking of views, the tent features three mesh windows (great for keeping out mosquitoes), and one of these mesh windows is a moonroof. With all of the windows open, you get a comprehensive view of your surroundings and great ventilation.

There’s no need to attach any implements or accessories to the G4Free pop up. However, it does come with four ropes and eight tent pegs in case you find yourself in a windstorm.

#4. Wnnideo Instant Family Tent

If you’ve got ten seconds to spare, then you can have a well-designed and spacious tent ready to house you and three or four of your family members or mates.

The Wnnideo is a lightweight dome-style option made from elasticized fabric that is not only waterproof but also extremely protective against harmful UV rays. It’s got double walls and double doors for optimal ventilation and protection from breezy nights.

It features welded floors with inverted seams that won’t let water creep into the tent. The inverted seams also help keep the tent stable when the winds a blowing.

Also protecting you and your fellow campers are meshed windows that are fantastic for keeping the bugs out but allow for air flow. The tent also features ground vents that help keep you fresh and cool on those hot camping night.

At nine pounds, the Wnnideo is a little heavier than the other models on this list. It’s also a little bigger, measuring 120.1 X 94.5 X 57.1 However, its weight and size give it a touch more stability than other models and more room, especially headroom.

#5. Korotus 3-Person Family Camping Dome

This tent is another great dome-style tent. As with the Wnnideo, you’ve got lots of head room compared to the other pop up models on this list. Its dimensions are 79 x 79 x 53 inches. It advertises room for two-three adults or four kids.

Where it differs from the Wnnideo dome tent is in weight. At 3.5 pounds, it’s extremely light weight and nearly three times lighter than the Wnnideo.

You won’t be crawling over your camping buddies trying to get in and out of the Korotus, as it’s go two large D-style doors, both of which will give you great views from inside the tent.

The Korotus also has huge window panels made of mesh, meaning you’ll get great views and ventilation without bothersome insects.

The tent is fabricated from silver-coated fabric on the outside, which will give you UV protection. On the bottom, you’ve got Oxford cloth, which will help keep you nice and dry.

As you can see, you’ve got some great choices. All of the options on the list construct themselves and are self-supporting, meaning you’ll never have to worry about adding additional supports to get your choice to stand up.

Also, each pop up tent listed above comes with a durable frame and is made of good-quality tenting material, which makes each one able to withstand moderate punishment from the elements.

Because of their headroom, the Wnnideo and the Korotus are the probably your best options. Seeing all of the pop ups on the list are very small tents in the grand scheme of tents, any option that gives you more room will be appreciated in the end.

Pick up your favorite pop up today by simply clicking the links above for the one you like best.