Weed Killers

The best weed killer is the one you don’t have to keep using. A high-quality weed killer can target your particular problems without damaging your yard or your garden. Knowing how to look at different types of weeds and know what will kill them quickly can take time and research to get it right.

What is the Top Organically Made Weed Killer?

The best weed killer for you is the one that eliminates the weeds you need killing while preserving your chosen plants.

1Agri Star Triclopyr 4E Herbicide

The Agri Star Triclopyr 4E Herbicide is a petroleum-based weed killer. The one is is powerful enough to kill trees. The main plants targeted are plants like dandelions and ivy, which are invasive in your garden and your yard. The oils in the weed killer attack the leaves and enter the plant’s system to kill it.

This one is a highly concentrated formula that requires careful mixing to prevent damage to other plants. You can spray your plants with the compound, but you must be careful how you direct the spray to avoid hitting other plants.


  • The weed killer is a systematic.
  • The targeted plants absorb the formula, which attacks the leaves and causes gradual death.
  • Dandelions and ivy are killable with the formula.


  • The plants can return within weeks of spraying.
  • It does not work on all types of weeds.

2Ortho Weed B Gon

The Ortho Weed B Gon is a targeted concentrate. The weed killer helps kill ground Ivy and wild violet plants without damaging your lawn or other garden plants. When used as directed, the weed killer is an effective tool for killing plants that are growing in your lawn.

The Weed B Gon Targets the roots of the invasive plant and kills from the ground up. A formula that targets the roots helps eliminate the chance the plant will come back once it shrivels away. You can spray the concentrated formula with as much or little of the formula you need to make it effective.


  • The weed killer goes after ground cover weeds like wild violets and ground ivy.
  • The Ortho Weed B Gone concentrate allows you to adjust the amount used.
  • The weed killer targets the roots to prevent it from returning.


  • Some types of plants require a lot of formula to kill the weeds.
  • The weed killer kills some types of grass.

3Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed Fertilizer

The Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed Fertilizer is a target weed killer that kills off clover and dandelions that can invade your beautiful lawn. The weed and fertilizer combination helps eliminate your weeds and nourish your grass and plants with the decomposing remains of the weeds.

The weed killer targets your problem weeds before and after they start. The formula also prevents the weeds from growing back after the weeds die. The application of the formula may require multiple attempts to eliminate the weeds and prevent further spread of it completely. The fertilizer helps to nourish your lawn and is easy to spread over your lawn or garden.


  • The weed killer targets dandelions and clover.
  • Scotts Turf Builder kills weeds and prevents them from growing.
  • The weed killer is easy to spread on your lawn.


  • The weed killer can kill certain types of grass.
  • The formula is a better fertilizer than a weed killer.

4Southern Ag Amine 24-D Weed Killer

The Southern Ag Amine 24-D Weed Killer uses dimethylamine slate and noxyacetic acid along with other chemicals to kill a broad range of plants. The weed killer targets broadleaf weeds that commonly grow in large places like parks, golf courses, ditches, and along the road. The weed killer is safe enough to use on non-crop gardens, including small grains and corn.

The weed killer is a liquid concentrate formula that mixes completely with water for spraying with a hose or a fan nozzle. The concentrated formula allows you to mix the right amount of weed killer to kill the weeds your lawn or garden currently has.


  • The weed killer kills broadleaf plants like dandelions and poison ivy.
  • The Southern Ag 2, 4-D Amine Weed Killer, lets you adjust the strength of the spray you are using.
  • The formula is safe enough to use on certain types of crops such as small grains and corn.


  • The weed killer may need a strong mixture to kill stubborn weeds.
  • The weed killer can kill some types of grass.

5Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer

The Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer will remain on the lawn after two hours after application without rain. The grass and weed killer is a universal weed killer that goes after the roots of your weeds.

The weed killer requires up to three tablespoons mixing with one gallon of water to spray on your plants. Spraying the formula close to the roots provides a complete application of the formula. The best results occur when you spray it on a sunny day.


  • The weed killer requires little product to be effective.
  • The weed killer leaves no residue after the weeds absorb the formula.
  • The weed killer goes after the roots of the weed.


  • The formula can degrade if left to sit, being less effective.
  • The weed killer can kill some types of grass.

What to Look for in Organic Weed Killers

The right formula of weed killer comes with multiple types of factors that make it work. The best weed killer will go after your main problem weeds and prevent their return.

1Target Weed Killers

Most people are looking to eliminate weeds start with products that target the particular weeds in your lawn or garden. You can purchase target weed killers to go after the particular weed infiltrating your garden or lawn. These weed killers will be effective at eliminating that particular weed and leave your flowers or lawn untouched.

The target weed kills are good to use for persistent problems with certain weeds growing in between the cracks of your concrete or in your lawn. Some types of weed killers are not safe to use in all situations. Make sure you check the label and note the plants around where you need to use it as you might end up killing trees or flowers you want to preserve.


A pre-emergence weed kill is a product you apply before weeds start. You apply the weed killer to plants and leaves around where problem plants start to grow. They are systemic weed killers. A systemic weed killer is one the invasive plant absorbs as it tries to grow. The plant dies off internally though it may take time for you to see the plant whither.

3Time it takes to Eliminate

A weed killer applied before or after a weed appears can take time to wither and die. You will need to be patient and keep an eye on the weed to ensure it is dying off properly. A persistent weed may be resistant to the weed killer you purchased or be too strong for the weed killer to kill. You may need to reapply the weed killer to eliminate your weed problem.


Pre-mixed formulas are the way most people purchase their weed killers. You can add them to a spray bottle or mix them with water. They are good for preventing weeds from growing with occasional treatment, but for more persistent weeds or plants, you may need to purchase a more potent formula and use before you plant or add it around your already planted garden.

Final Thoughts

A good quality weed killer requires patience and often consistent application. The right one will not only target the weeds you need killing but reduce the likelihood of their return. The best weed killer for the job is the Agri Star Triclopyr 4E Herbicide.

The Agri Star Triclopyr 4E Herbicide adheres to the oils in the formula to the leaves so the weeds can absorb the weed killer. The weed killer wilts the plants in days and erases them from your yard quickly and works to prevent their return. The Agri Star Triclopyr continues to work even after the initial application to keep your yard free from weeds.