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5 Best WiFi Garage Door Openers 2019

Getting tired of your packages sitting out in the rain or having to change the battery in your old “button on the visor” garage key? Well, thanks to advancements in technology, WiFi garage door openers are changing the way you access your garage space. With a simple app download and some basic installation skills, accessing your garage can be done from virtually anywhere.

Different brands offer different benefits and budget options, depending on what you are looking for. However, most will offer the same basic needs for those looking for the best WiFi garage door openers. Whether you need geofencing, voice control or like to shop a lot and want to give Amazon the key to keep your purchases secure, there is an option for you.
Don’t get stuck on the basics though, check out what these top 5 brands are offering and what makes them some of the best available on the smart garage door market. No matter what your needs are, we are confident there is something here to fulfill those needs and more.

Chamberlain B970 WiFi Garage Opener

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Offering a plethora of features and benefits, the Chamberlain B970 Wifi Garage Opener gives you the highest lifting capacity of any in the industry at 1.25 HP. Chamberlain Group is not only a reputable brand, but it is also highlighted as one of the most reliable garage door product engineers. By downloading their myQ app on your smartphone you can access your smart garage door from anywhere.

Furthermore, Chamberlain offers multiple ways to enter your garage aside from the phone. You get two remotes, a keypad and it works with Google Assistant and Amazon Key. When using your Amazon Key, you are giving access to have your packages securely placed in your garage, preventing theft and elemental damages.

In addition to all the convenience, the B970 is packed with security features that even work with your home lighting system. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about obstructions jamming the door with the built-in sensors as you get real-time notifications on garage door activity. All of this is maintained and held together with a reinforced steel belt drive that doesn’t wake the neighbors when activated.


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NEXX Garage NXG-100b Smart WiFi Garage Opener upgrades your already existing garage door, turning it into a smart door. By attaching this little wonder box and downloading the Nexx app, you get access to your garage through your smartphone. You can even voice activate your newly adapted smart garage door with Alexa or Google assistant.

With virtually unlimited access from anywhere, you are also able to share access with multiple users, which you can also control from your smart device. Tracking activity is also available, allowing you to log and stay up to date with real-time notifications of who enters and when. These enhancements work with encrypted security features, helping prevent visits from unwanted guests.

Moreover, you will get reminders, preventing you from leaving the garage door open as well. We do suggest making sure that you do a bit of research when purchasing the NEXX Garage NXG-100b as there are a few garage doors that it is not compatible with. Also, your WiFi connection needs to be 2.4GHZ or more for it to work properly.


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Meross Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener device is a smart addition to any garage door set up. Installing it onto your garage door assembly allows you and others and allow access to and other users to access your garage with the touch of an app or chatting with Alexa or Google. It also gives you the ability to customize notifications and reminders, making sure you are never vulnerable to unwanted activity.

Installing the Meross is a breeze and its highly sensative yet stable sensors offer the most real-time notifications a WiFi operated garage door can share. Also, make sure to check out their “Technical Specification-Application Guide” section on their web page to get the most up to date compatibility. Checking compatibility is key to making sure that this is the right choice for your needs.


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Refoss Smart WiFi Garage Door Opener is backed with a one-year warranty, offering stellar security and customized notifications wherever you are. You don’t have to worry about any hidden fees either as it works with your WiFi and stores data on its personalized eHomeLife app, which you can download on your tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, it is compatible with over 1500 models of over 200 well-known brand names in garage door manufacturing.

You will be able to install this highly reliable smart garage door opener with dummy-proof instructions in the manual or by following the application instructions on your smart device. Once installed, it will keep you alerted with its highly stable and extra sensitive sensors that are backed by a no interference guarantee.

Moreover, you can do all this hands-free by getting some help with Alexa or any of Google’s voice controls: Home or Assistant. Refoss is compatible with most garage door openers available in the market. You can easily check your door status and receive it with your app. The notifications work to will remind you to close the garage door and update you when in use.


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Supporting both WiFi and Bluetooth operations, the DATONTEN Smart Bluetooth & WiFi Garage Door Opener is in a league of it’s own. If you are finding yourself without WiFi, the Bluetooth option gives you a backup option within the garage door range. Moreover, you can connect with over 32 users, allowing multi-user access, which you can control right from your smartphone.

Moreover, the app shows you your door status and gives you an activity log, allowing you to see who accessed your garage as well as when the garage door was activated. Datonten also offers a 128-bit AES encryption, ensuring solid and secure communication and enhancing the security of your garage. Although it is compatible with most garage door openers, you should check their page for compatibility and make sure your Wifi is at least 2.4 GHz for proper operation.


Although anyone of these is a great buy, the Chamberlain B970 WiFi Garage Opener is our top pick based on value, operation, and design. This isn’t just an addition to your already installed garage door, Chamberlain gives you the full package that supports WiFi smart app access as well as the hardware, making it a beast of a smart garage door.

However, depending on what you are looking for, our top pick might be just a little more than you need. All of them offer the security features, notifications and simple installation you’ll find in most of the best WiFi garage door openers on the market, it just all depends on what suits your garage.


Whether you need a whole operating garage door opener or are just making your current garage door a little smarter, our line up is researched and designed to make sure you are getting what you need at a great value. Each pick is designed to work for you, making your life a little more manageable while staying connected to your garage and home.

The convenience alone of being able to allow secure packages while offering multi-users to get in and out of your garage from a remote area – work or vacation – makes these WiFi garage door openers a valuable upgrade to your garage and life. The additional security features are just another perk you will get with each one, leaving you stress-free and in more control of accessing your garage.