Women’s Soccer Cleats


5) Puma Women’s evoSPEED 4.2 FG Soccer Cleat

If your want a pair of super-girly soccer shoes, then the Pumas are for you. These pink-and-white synthetic shoes are very durable and offers outstanding control on firm fields. They offer a padded collar and are fairly comfortable despite being sturdy. However, the sizing runs a full size small.


  • Outstanding control
  • Durability
  • Sturdy, can withstand pounding


  • Small sizing
  • Can feel stiff

4) Nike Women’s Tiempo FG Soccer Cleats

These attractive shoes are designed to stretch and conform to your foot. They are made from waterproof materials which means your feet should remain dry, but there are enough holes in the them that some water can get inside.

The rubber spikes are designed for firm ground and give good control. However, many users on Amazon said that they run a size small.


  • Comfortable shoes that will stretch to fit irregular feet
  • Good control on firm ground
  • Waterproof


  • Might be too soft to stand up to pounding
  • Sizing runs small, order full size larger than typical

3. Under Armor Women’s UA CF Force 2.0 Soccer Cleats

The best feature of these cleats are the conical spikes at the front of the shoe. These cleats give good precision on the field and the traction for fact acceleration.

Under Armor constructed these cleats from waterproof materials, without including the perforations that render this feature useless. These cleats keep your feet dry even on wet fields. As seems to be typical of many women’s cleats, they run a size small.


  • Conical cleats for good play quality
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Durability


  • Sizing runs small

2. Nike Women’s Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer Cleat

The Nike Mercurial Victory V cleats are a terrific all-around soccer shoe. They feature an internal cage that lend these shoes strength and durability. These shoes also feature a soft inner sole that provide great comfort.

The rubber spikes are optimized for firm grass fields. Overall, these cleats provide a nice combination of traction, strength, and comfort. In short, they’re a premium set of soccer cleats. Like so many women’s soccer shoes, the sizing runs a full size too small.


  • Nice balance of features
  • Internal cage helps you withstand pounding on the field
  • Flexibility and comfort


  • Sizing runs small

1) Adidas Performance Women’s X 15.4 FXG W Soccer Cleat

The strength of these adidas soccer cleats is their on-field performance. The flexible outsoles give excellent traction and allow quick change-of-direction. Lightweight construction help you run as fast as possible on the field. These shoes have a combo-spike design that excel on both firm grass and artificial turf.

The design is breathable, which is great for comfort. But, it’s not waterproof. Even so, the adidas cleats boast a combination of features that makes it our best all-around performer. Unfortunately, the sizing is a full size larger than the typical shoe chart.


  • On field performance
  • Can be used on both grass and artificial turf
  • Comfort


  • Sizing
  • Lack of waterproofing

Which Shoe Should I Buy?

The above list has something for most women’s soccer players. The Puma is a terrific choice if you want a sturdy shoe that performs well on the field. The Nike Tiempo is the choice if you have a hard-to-fit foot. Under Armor’s conical spikes and water-tight design gives high performance while keeping your feet dry. Nike’s Mercurial Victory V cleats combines comfort with with strength to withstand pounding on the field. We, however, consider the adidas Performance X 15.4 cleats the best overall shoe due to its versatility. They can handle both grass and artificial turf while giving outstanding on-field performance.

The most important thing to remember is to find a shoe that fits your particular needs. Once you find a good fit, go out and get them. The right shoe can help you play your best.

Have you ever looked at the rows of women’s soccer cleats available online or in a sporting goods store and didn’t have any idea how to go about choosing one? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Buying the right pair of cleats is very important because you depend on your shoes to provide the traction and comfort you need to play your best. This short review will list some of the best women’s cleats on today’s market to help you pick the right shoe to buy.



The most important factor is the surface you intend to use them on. Is it a firm natural grass field? Do you often play on wet turf? Do you play indoors on artificial turf? Manufacturers design cleats to work on a specific set of surfaces.

Hard rubber cleats are the most typical choice because they’re the best for natural grass, which is the surface what most recreational leagues use. Cleats with removable metal studs is the best for wet and muddy fields, but many leagues ban them.

Artificial turf and hard indoor surfaces also require specific shoes. However, very few rec leagues use such fields.


Soccer shoes must fit very well to give you the kind of traction and control you need to play your best. An ill-filling or uncomfortable shoe will slow you down. One major problem is that many brands of soccer shoes don’t seem to follow the standard sizing chart. This review will list shoes with irregular sizing.


Soft shoes tend to be comfortable, but can make your feet vulnerable. Remember, you’re playing against other competitive women wearing cleats. The ideal shoe is both comfortable and hard enough to withstand another player stomping on your foot.

Water Resistance

Playing on a wet surface can become very uncomfortable if your shoes aren’t water-proof. Many shoes claim to be waterproof, or are made from waterproof materials, but have so many holes that your feet will often end up soaked.

Now that you know what to look for, we’ll move on to listing what we consider the five best shoes currently on the market.