Z-wave Door Locks

Best Z-Wave Door Lock Review

Let’s face it: making sure our homes are secure against intruders is one of the main worries that keeps us up at night.

Thankfully, the technology has progressed quite a lot since traditional locks and keys were made. With the advent of personal security systems, alarms, and other tools, home security can be practically guaranteed. Now, many consumers are opting for the newest generation of Z-Wave Locks.

By providing you with unfiltered remote access to your lock, you’ll always know who’s coming or going when you opt for a Z-Wave lock. Nowadays, customers are choosing Z-Wave locks to get some peace of mind.

Once configured, the lock can be controlled remotely from an all-in-one application on your smartphone. The long hours spent worrying about whether or not you’ve locked the door are over. Bulky keys are long gone. Remote unlock for housekeepers, maintenance staff, and other visitors is as easy as one click.

Review of the Best Z-Wave Door Locks

We’ve collected a list of the most customer-loved, trusted, and effective Z-Wave locks available on the market. Each lock has been personally chosen for its unique features and high security guarantees.

Schlage FE599NX CAM ACC 619 Home Keypad


The Schlage is the ultimate mix between a traditional lock and an ultra-encrypted smart device. Compatible with any iOS or Android device, this Z-Wave lock works with Alexa for voice control.

This lock can be customized nearly endlessly, making it possible to receive text, email, or call alerts when specific family members use their codes. You can even generate codes remotely for staff when you can’t be home to let someone in.

Add, remove, or change user codes on the fly. Using Nexia Home Intelligence, you can even control home thermostats, locks, lights and cameras from the same application that configures your smart lock.

Ultimately, this Z-Wave Lock is easy enough for even the least tech-minded user to configure and use right away. The lock fits most universal latches and US standard deadbolts, requiring no extra drilling or screws.

The only issue that some mention is that it’s needlessly difficult to replace the battery. In order to change the batteries, the user has to totally disassemble the lock from the door itself.

Despite this issue, most users appreciate the Schlage for its high security assurance and large degree of flexibility.


  • Lock admin can add, remove, or change user codes
  • Universal lock can fit virtually any US standard door with no extra drilling required
  • Use 128-byte encryption for the highest password security level


  • Battery is needlessly difficult to replace

Yale Assure Lock


Featuring three different ways to unlock, the Yale Assure is a trusted high security lock that can be configured with touchscreen codes, physical keys, and extra PIN numbers. With full Z-Wave compatibility, the Yale Assure can configure with any number of smart alarm systems, including: SmartThings, Wink, Vera, Iris, and Honeywell.

Users appreciate how easy it is to configure the lock for different alarm environments and with the Z-Wave Software. Moreover, the lock uses the highest standard of 128-byte encryption for robust protection against malicious hackers – this is the same standard that your banking app employs.

The fully motorized deadbolt is even able to accommodate for most US standard sized doors, while the rubberized gasket exterior means the Yale Assure is very weatherproof.

Lock administrators are able to generate over two hundred unique PIN codes, which makes this Z-Wave Lock appropriate for rental hosts, residential use, and mid-sized corporate environments.

Ultimately, users appreciate the long lasting battery life and robust number of applications the device can be used for. Trusted by both managers and homeowners alike, the Yale Assure will continue to be one of the top performers in the Z-Wave lock market.


  • Up to 250 unique PIN codes can be generated, changed, added, and removed at will
  • Customizable enough for use in rental homes, AirBNBs, corporate environments, and homes
  • Very long battery life can last up to two years before needing a change


  • Some complain that set-up was slightly unintuitive

Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Z-Wave Lock


Once again, the Schlage brand has dominated the Z-Wave Smart Lock world with its release of the Camelot edition lock. Available in aged bronze or satin nickel, this unassuming lock looks traditionally even though its packed with smart device functionality.

This battery operated lock fits most standard door sizes and is constructed with the highest level of ANSI Grade I residential security. The durable, pressure resistive touchscreen is coated with a matte finish to protect against weather, fingerprints, and smudges.

During installation, the device automatically detects the direction the bolt needs to be thrown. The auto-handling feature makes the Schlage Camelot easy to install, especially since it won’t require extra drilling.

The alarm features three alert modes that let you know when an entry attempt is suspicious: activity, tamper, and forced entry will send notifications directly to your smart phone.


  • Meets highest level of residential security requirements
  • Matte finish and bronze exterior make lock resistant to weather and forced entry attempts
  • Features built in alert modes that notifies lock owner of suspicious entry attempts


  • Some complain lock fails in very humid, tropical environments

Final Thoughts: What’s the Best Z-Wave Lock?

If users were asked to sum up what they liked about the Yale Assure lock in a few words, they’d say: “Good design, even better functionality”.

Over the past year, the Yale Assure has won over die-hard clients of other lock brands with its simple design, high security guarantees, and programmable customizability.

Featuring full compatibility with a number of Smart Alarm systems and Z-Wave, the Yale Assure is an incredibly robust lock in terms of its physical build and software extensibility. Whether you want to integrate with Alexa or an alarm system, this all-in-one lock ensures the highest level of both residential and corporate security.